The van - The Wood Kitchen
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the van
about us
the myth. the legend. the van!

Born in 1977 in Haute-Loire Department of France, this beast has tried its wheels at pretty much everything

Before we picked it up and transformed it into the wonderful Wood Kitchen, our baby was a pretty successfully horsebox. However, once we bought it, I (George – the Pizza Man) converted it over 2012/13, having spent the summer of 2012 in Napoli researching and sampling (mainly sampling) the best flour, tomatoes, mozzarella, cured meats and seafood.

The Citroën H Van, Type H, H-Type or HY (or the Big Lad, as we affectionately call it), is a light truck that was put together in 1947 and 1981. It was originally developed as a simple front wheel driven van after World War II. And, while a total of 473,289 were produced in 34 years over France and Belgium, most of them were sold in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. They were not sold in the UK in right hand drive.
In its native land, this funny looking wagon is known as “Nez de Cochon”, “Pig Nose”. And, for some reason, when used by the police, it was simply called “panier à salade”, “salad basket”. Don’t ask.

The distinctive corrugated body work was inspired by the German Junkers (Aircraft) of the 1930s. The ribs added strength without adding weight and required only simple, low cost press tools. The flat body panels were braced on the inside by ‘top hat’ box sections, at right angles to the ribs.

If we’re honest, it’s one of the coolest looking, four-wheeled beasts we’ve ever seen. So, get in touch now and we’ll come park up and get you filled with some delicious, authentic pizza.